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Despite Loyalty - Deluxe Edition

"Dark, morbid, and sexy, this self-titled album is quite the debut. Combining elements of industrial music with electro-goth, Despite Loyalty is bass-heavy, fetishized music in the vein of Ministry or Rob Zombie. Rhythmic hooks, funky beats, distorted guitars, and macabre lyrics converge into a beast that would sound just as good on the dance floor as it would in the mosh pit." -Undead Goathead

Released April 14, 2017

All music and lyrics by Arthur Bertik-Marquez and Eric Smolinski.
"Blind Reflections": Co-produced/guitar leads by Joe Ristaino
"A Waste of Fidelity" Additional synthesizer by Molly Scarpine
All songs recorded/edited/mixed by A. Bertik-Marquez (Entelodon Studios)
Mastered by Brent Wisdom at 13 O' Clock Studios
Album artwork and layout by Racknar Teyssier-Marquez (RTM! Artwork)
Photography by Imoto Harney of Captain Crazy Productions
"Ram It In (Fractured Transmission Remix)" by Nick Viola of FRACTURED TRANSMISSION
"Blind Reflections (Are We Awake Remix)” and “Siren (Are We Awake Remix)” by Bram
Romero of ARE WE AWAKE, mixed by Augustine Ortiz at The Decibel Foundry
“Spill It (Miami Fitness)” by Rich Kaponas of MIAMI FITNESS
"A Waste of Fidelity (Atomic Remix)" by Atom Smith of THE GENTLEMEN CALLERS OF
"Body Bag Bondage (Brett-Bit Remix)" by Brett Thomas of BRETT-BIT
Mastered by Augustine Ortiz at The Decibel Foundry
© Despite Loyalty / Entelodon Records 2012-2017
All rights reserved.
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